College Life and Renters’ Insurance

College Life and Renters’ Insurance

Heading off to college is an exciting, busy and stressful time. There seems to be an endless list of things to do ranging from signing up for classes, moving, acquiring the appropriate materials and, of course, learning to live on one’s own. In these first few months, things will eventually settle down, but you may still discover loose ends that may need to be taken care of. One of those is securing renters insurance.

“Great, another expense.” you may say to yourself. The fact is, however, renters insurance is extremely affordable, especially when you consider the protection in provides. Depending on the coverage and policy, you may be able to secure renters insurance for as little as a dollar a day! Policies can vary deonding on whether a student is staying in a dorm or living off campus. It can also be a good idea to encourage all roommates to acquire renters insurance.

Why is renters insurance so important for college students? Well, first, they are college students. taking care of their stuff may not be their highest priority. They also may have a surprising amount of valuable personal property to insure.

Renters insurance can cover those designer jeans, expensive sneakers, jackets, shirts, and pants should they be lost in a fire, through water damage or even theft. It would cover furniture under those same circumstances. Depending on the provisions of your policy, it may cover certain expensive personal electronic and digital devices from loss due to damage or theft. Personal possessions are important, especially since the odds of being a victim of theft increase for those living in a rental property. But personal possessions are just the start of why renters insurance is so critical for those attending college.

Renters insurance protects the policyholder in case of a liability claim. Should someone become injured while in the rental unit unit and file a claim, the legal expenses involve in the claim and any settlement would be covered. This includes delivery personnel who may be delivering food or groceries.

Renters insurance policies also generally will cover personal belongings while on the road. Should there be a loss while traveling, personal possessions are frequently covered.

College students and parents need to remember that the landlord’s insurance will NOT cover your personal property. A parent’s homeowners’ insurance may provide some protection, but it may not be sufficient. It is why when things settle down after moving for college, you should take the time to secure renters insurance.

Our independent insurance agents can compare prices from multiple companies to find you the coverage you need at a price you can feel comfortable with. Find out just how easy and affordable it can be. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation renters’ insurance quote.

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